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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:28 am

Welcome Visitor!

   Thank you for stopping by our humble forum! We're a Singapore-based LUG (LEGO Users Group), comprising mainly AFOLS (Adult Fans of LEGO) who are passionate about all things LEGO and love nothing more than building and sharing our ideas and creations. Please take some time to read below, know more about us and what we are all about. Do consider joining us if LEGO, and all that it represents, excites you and makes you want to go out there & create!

This is a work-in-progress document so expect to see some changes from time to time!

A. Brief History
Or how it all started ...

Founded in April 2013, PassionLUG was formed by a group of LEGO enthusiasts that met during the building of the Marina Bay Floating Platform as part of the National Day 2012 celebrations, who felt that there was a need for a Singapore-based platform for local fans to showcase their creative efforts in building with LEGO bricks. The existing avenues then were heavily focused on retail sets and officially-produced builds, with little emphasis on the creative aspect of the brick. Thus, after collaborating on a few public building activities, there came about the realisation that it was time to start raising the bar of the community-at-large. To go forth, build it bigger and better!

B. Our Goals
Through this platform and various outreach activities, PassionLUG aims to:

1) Dispel the common belief that LEGO is just a child's toy, we aim to show everyone that the humble Brick can actually be an art medium, a problem-solving tool and much, much more.

2) Improve the average AFOL's building skills and techniques repertoire and to create a more open Singapore-based community where sharing of ideas is second nature. Be it at LUG meetups, free public workshops, grassroots level community events or mall-sponsored builds, the ideas must flow!

3) Reach out to the the average man-in-the-street and get them playing with LEGO. To awaken the builder in them and get them interested and involved in contributing towards community LEGO building projects and activities.

C. Our Activities
What we plan to do, where we plan to do it and who we wanna do it with!

1) End of Year Celebration
Location to be confirmed, we're planning to celebrate 2013 in a big way! Details to be announced shortly Wink

2) Monthly Meetups
Location(s) to be confirmed, these serve as our monthly get-togethers, where members gather to share ideas, swap parts, learn build techniques and generally indulge in lots LEGO fun!

3) Ad-hoc gatherings
Location(s) vary, as set by organising members. We believe anytime is LEGO time and there's no stopping anyone from getting together just to build, share a cuppa or watch a movie. Officially or unofficially, LUG happens :p

D. Connecting The Community
or how we'd like to make more friends

1) Regional LUGs
As we get ourselves more established, we're gonna want to make friends with our fellow AFOLs, first around the Southeast Asian region, then slowly but surely, around the world!

2) The Community around us ...
From mall displays to grassroots celebrations, every event is an opportunity to make new friends! PassionLUG would love to be part of the everyman's happy moments, sharing memories and embracing life, all through the community process that is building together, with LEGO!

3) & Charity
LEGO is expensive and as we enjoy our hobby, we mustn't forget the less fortunate who don't have access to even the simpler things in life. PassionLUG will, where there is a suitable opportunity, gather under the LUG banner for a greater cause, with the aim to give back to society and those in greater need than us. In the process, we're gonna be making new friends and sharing more Lego love!

LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure, and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies. ©️2013 The LEGO Group. The PassionLUG forum is not owned, sponsored by or endorsed by The LEGO Group. All content posted by members on the forum are member's own and do not represent the views of PassionLUG Administrators and its Moderators.


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