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Creating your PassionLUG forum account Empty Creating your PassionLUG forum account

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:16 am

Hello & welcome to PassionLUG! Before you go ahead and create your forum account, here are some things we'd like you to take note of!

About the PassionLUG Forum

The PassionLUG forums is a Singapore-based platform dedicated to sharing ideas and creative efforts made with LEGO. We welcome all fans and LEGO builders and do not discriminate against any one in any way. It is also meant to be a forum where one can freely discuss ideas related to building with LEGO where all discussions to be expected to be carried out with courtesy and civility. We do not tolerate ill-behaviour and all who are guilty of this can expect to be denied access from the forums as soon as the issue is made known. By registering your account here in PassionLUG, you are agreeing to do so and abide by the rules outlined below. Play well!

Guide and Rules of PassionLUG Forum

When registering your account, please fill in the required information truthfully. The community is a small (but growing) place and duplicity gets you nowhere!

Any posts that are made against the spirit of this forum and/or are found to be in violation of the rules below will be removed by the administrators without warning.

1. Watch your language. There are minors who may peruse this forum so please curtail your vocabulary. This includes images, words and references that are obviously illegal, obscene, defamatory, derogatory, political, racially-motivated, religiously offensive or otherwise offensive in nature. Verbal attacks or rants, with intention to demean, intimidate, humiliate, or cause embarrassment to any another members will also not be tolerated.

2. Posting pictures from, or links to other internet sites is only allowed if they do not violate the following rules;
(i) NO Posting of any leaked, confidential or watermarked pictures belonging to or originating from The LEGO Group.
(ii) Any politically motivated, religiously offensive, racially insensitive and/or pornographic material. All such postings will be removed immediately and offenders permanently banned.

3. No posting of sales items, places that sell LEGO or outright promotion of any stores on the forums, other than in their intended sections. LEGO is at it's heart, a retail product but there is a right place for everything. This rule may be difficult to define so please post in consideration to the spirit of the law. Posts that are deemed inappropriate will be edited by PassionLUG Administrators and reason for edit will be stated.

4. All rules as stated above apply when using the Private Messaging and personal signature features of the forum as well. Any complaints of misuse in these areas will be looked in to by the PassionLUG Administrators and appropriate be taken to address the complaint.

5. Members are reminded that they are solely responsible for their posts and content found within. Where objectionable content is concerned, ignorance is not an excuse. PassionLUG Administrators can and will exercise their right to edit, delete in part or whole of any thread that is deemed objectionable. You have been warned.

So, if you've managed to read through all that, click --> HERE and welcome to PassionLUG!


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